Big Sister/Brother

Big Sister / Big Brother Program

If You Need Help or Want to Help Others in Many Ways, Learn about This Program

Matchmaker, matchmaker. For those who want to come to First Event, but perhaps it may be their first time out, and it feels a bit overwhelming. This program has been so welcome by so many. Whether you are MTF or FTM, this is true.

We strive to help all attendees enjoy FE17. Our Big Brother/Big Sister program attempts to match newcomers with experienced trans folk. Whether you want help of any sort with makeup, clothing, or just support or want to be there to help someone, please register for this program and we will match you up prior to the start of the conference.

If you need support or want to provide support, please click on and submit the form below and you will be matched with someone before the conference starts. For many this begins lifelong friendships and a support system that makes a difference



For more information, please contact us at

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